Event & Tour Laminates

We provide the highest of quality of tour and event laminates to fit any type of occasion. Our high quality 10 mil. plastic laminates will hold up against rough wear and tear. Our vibrant full-color printing will create a beautiful but functional pass for all of your tour staff, friends, family and clients. 

Available in holographic pouches


Satin Stick-ons

Custom satin stick-ons use a industry standard print on satin cloth adhesive that come in a wide variety of color and print options. Choose from our seven different shape options: rectangle, square, rounded triangle, circle, oval, octagon, and diamond to create a truly unique design for your event. Custom shapes available for an additional charge.


Drum heads

Custom made to fit all of your needs. We do any size drumhead from fourteen to twenty-eight inches with a huge spectrum of graphic and color options. 



Make any stage your own. High quality display net-cloth, vinyl or cloth is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. Customized to your need of size, graphic and colors.    



Custom crafted out of high grade display net-cloth designed to your specific graphic and color preferences. 


Merch Design

We strive to overcome design challenges using creative problem solving. We aim to  help you conceptualize any item you want to produce and to deliver you the best, most unique product the industry can offer. 


Tour Trailer Design

Custom made to make any trailer unique. Work with us to create a one-of-a-kind full color graphic for your tour. 


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